Garage Door Opener Beeping
Written by Queen City Garage Doors on February 25, 2022

Why is My Garage Door Opener Beeping? Causes and Solutions

The door opener is notably a critical part of the garage door. Who likes making an effort to open the entire door manually? Nobody, I guess. Advancements in technology paved the way for machinery that can open and close by itself. The garage opener enables you to operate the garage door without using your hands. Therefore, even a minor glitch in the working of the garage door opener can disturb the entire working of the door.

What are garage door openers?

Garage door openers work by enabling the garage door to close by an automated mechanism. Therefore, whenever you open the garage door, it's because of the door opener. The garage opener connects to a motor which acts as a power source and allows the garage door to open and close.

This mechanism coordinates with the rollers, tracks, hinges, and springs. A chaotic beeping of the garage opener can hamper its working. Perhaps, you need to find a way to stop the unwanted sound coming from the door.

You might be unaware that beeping sound is annoying, but it is also essential as it warns us of several changes occurring in the garage door.

Figuring out the real cause and fixing it will automatically stop the unwanted beeping noise from the door opener.

Why is my garage door opener beeping?

A constant beeping sound can be annoying and can cause considerable inconvenience. Moreover, it indicates a warning sign for the door opener. It's necessary to stop the sound and figure out the actual cause. Here we have mentioned a list of primary reasons behind the beeping sound:

MYQ technology

Considering most of us are lazy, new technology was introduced to do our work. MYQ technology is a new feature that comes with most garage doors nowadays. With its help, you can open or close the garage door without being physically present there. This feature made the working of the garage door easier.

The MYQ server makes the opener beep to warn anyone standing near and around the door before closing.

Therefore, the beeping sound due to the MYQ server is not trouble but an additional feature to alert you.

Battery backup system activation

Many garage door openers like the Liftmaster garage door opener come with a battery backup system for usage in case of a power outage.

When the door opener beeps, the power may be out. This is an incredible feature that supports your garage door in the absence of power and warns you to maintain distance from the door.

If this is the reason behind the battery backup beeping garage door opener, you need to ensure a proper power supply that will automatically shut the sound.

Battery running low

The battery backup power system additionally notifies in case of low battery power. The door can crash down abruptly once the battery backup is entirely exhausted. This system ensures safety by alerting before anything shashes down under the heavy metal door.

To inspect the battery power or check the battery status led light of the system, you need to check the opener unit. There, you'll observe a display of solid orange LED light. If the lights are red or orange, your garage door opener needs to be replaced by a pair of new battery sets.

Timer closing the door

Many advanced garage door openers come with a timer system. You can control the garage door opening and closing time by simply setting a timer, and the timer will enable the door opener to close at the desired time.

Before the garage door closes, the timer beeps several times to alert you about its closing. The beeps heard are accompanied by flashing green lights. You can disable the timer to fix it, and the beeping sound will stop.

Alignment of sensor needed

If your garage door opener's beeping continues, it's possible that its sensors are not aligned appropriately. Your garage door encounters a beeping sound when the alignment of safety sensors is not proper. Then it means the garage door system is constantly waring you for some malfunction.

Align the safety sensors properly and then check if the garage door issues are resolved or not. In case it still beeps, then check the wi-fi mode.

WI-FI enabled garage door system

The opener system has additional connecting features with a different device, including a wi-fi connection. Observe the beeps heard at every interval. Each pattern denotes a distinct change in the connected wi-fi mechanism.

Note the following changes if they occur:

  • Wi-fi is connected to a wi-fi mode. Then it will beep once.
  • If the door opener tries to connect with the wi-fi router, it will beep continuously.
  • If the garage opener attempts to connect to the MYQ server, it beeps twice.
  • A blue led turns off if the wi-fi cannot connect to the device, and no more beeps are heard.

How to shut the beeping sound?

Replace the battery power

Placing a new battery in a system can only fix battery drainage. You need to ensure that the batteries are fully charged and charge them if required.

Also, make sure that your garage door opener is not running on the battery backup system. Garage door beeping stops once your batteries are fully charged.

Ensure a proper electrical supply to the unit

A proper electrical supply is essential for the appropriate working of the opener. Since garage doors are completely automated, they need sufficient energy to work.

In the absence of energy battery backup system is activated, which will eventually beep when it starts to drain. Therefore, make sure there is enough electrical supply, check the electrical outlet properly, and ensure that the logic board is working fine.

Switch off the alarm

Like your morning alarm or an Air conditioner, the garage door opener system comes with a timer system that automatically closes at a specific time.

You need to check the garage door timer and ensure no such alarm is pre-set. If the beeping is due to the timer, reset it or simply disable it using your keypad.

Ensure complete security

Ensure complete security by fixing the safety sensors. In case the alignment of the garage door is not done right, fix it. The alarm will probably switch off once you fix it.

In times when the safety eyes are not aligned properly, the beeping sound helps identify it, and therefore, ensures complete safety.


Is the beeping sound a warning sign?

Most of the time, the beeping sound of the garage door can be a warning sign to indicate that there is something wrong with the door opener or the battery backup system is about to drain.

It is also possible that the beeping sound is an indication of the closing time of the opener, which can be fixed by simply disabling the timer and alarm.


When the garage door opener beeps, it's possible that you can fix it without any help, but if you are unable to figure out the real cause behind that, then you should call a professional. Since the beeping sound denotes an emergency, it's best to call a professional because he knows your garage door better than you.

Do you need a professional to solve your problem?

If you are looking for a reliable professional at an affordable price, then Queen City Garage Doors is your destination. Our professionals are experts at garage door repair and track the significant cause in no time. All you need to do is call us at 980-949-0990 to know more about exciting offers and discounts.

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