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Written by Queen City Garage Doors on March 27, 2022

What is the best way to heat a garage?

You might have noticed that garage doors jam in frost, and you have to spend vast amounts of money every time to get it fixed. But, did you try to know the reason behind that?

Probably not, because you keep wondering that it might be a big problem. However, that's the weather that's being a barrier between your lock and the key. Since your garage door can't regulate the temperature inside, no such technology has been introduced to keep the lock cylinders warm. Your garage door is made of metal, which quickly cools in cold climates.

It's strange that the problem might not be significantly less but can be fixed by simply heating the lock. You need to have a vigil on the below-mentioned methods to know more.

What is the need for heating a garage door?

You might be spending heaps of money on heaters to keep your rooms and halls warm in winters, but still, the heaters are not so efficient, and the rooms do not heat up to the desired limit.

It might be that your heaters are efficient, but the major problem is with the cold garage doors. A garage door can be a source of significant opening in the home with can deliver cold air from outside to inside.

Therefore, you should consider installing a premium but the cost-effective heater in your home.

How to heat a garage door?

Are you searching for some practical yet portable space heaters for your household?

Here, we have a list of several heaters that may work for you. Some of them are worth noting.

Wood-burning stove

A wood-burning stove is probably the cheapest way to heat your garage door. However, it needs extreme care while using. Since many components in your garage space can catch fire, you need to be extremely careful.

You need to get yourself a cheap wood stove from any local shop. Always cover your face with a mask, avoid facing directly towards the furnace. The reason for the same is harmful gases that are constantly released along with hot air.

Those gases are extremely harmful since they can interact with your blood circulation and seriously affect your health. Therefore, if it seems complicated to use, prefer calling a locksmith as soon as possible.

Natural gas heaters

A conventional heater is another alternative to efficient heaters available in the market. These heaters are powered by natural gas and electricity, and the warm air is generated by the air circulating the convention system. The amount of heat generated by a natural gas heater depends on its size and quantity.

The take that a garage door will take to cool depends on the size of the heater and how chill your garage walls are. Therefore, you need to have patience while doing the whole procedure.

Electric space heaters

A portable space heater comes in different sizes. Depending upon the amount of heat you need to warm up your heater, you can pick the appropriate size for your garage door. Most of the cold air is on the garage floor; therefore, you might need to keep your heater on the lower side for a more extended period to cool the garage door.

The advantage of a portable space heater is that it's handy and portable, and it can be easily transported from one place to another.

Infrared heaters

As the name suggests, this heater heats the garage space using infrared waves. Unlike all other heaters, this heater does not catch the wire, and therefore, it makes the garage heating experience a bit easy.

This type of heater heats all the contents in the room and then starts heating people sitting inside. Therefore, it'll probably begin to heat your garage door first. This heater is one of the best heaters available in the market, and it follows a radiant heat mechanism instead of simply pushing out warm heat in the garage space.

These heaters might be a little pricey but worth spending.

Electric heaters

A mounted electric heater is comparatively more significant than other heaters. These types of hearted are made to stay mounted on the wall. A mounted electric heater is one of the best heaters you can install in your home. It works by a forced-air heating system and is simply efficient as most of the heartes in the market.

If you are looking for a high voltage heater, this is your pick.

Forced air heater

The forced air heater works by the mechanism of blowing hot air in the room. They are not as expensive as other heaters available in the market, and their primary work is to circulate warm air evenly in the entire room.

However, they expel dirt and debris in the air, which can considerably be a significant drawback. Also, they provide limited space heating capabilities. However, they work well to heat the garage door and space.

Split ductless heating system

The split ductless heater is one of the most in-demand heaters since it does both heating and cooling. They are suitable for all seasons, and they work by expelling hot air in winters and cold air in suppers. The ductless heating system stands among the most efficient heaters available in the market.

However, the one-time installation cost of the dustless system is high, but the energy consumption is significantly less. Therefore, although the system might be a bit expensive, the bill will be comparatively less.

This heater is worth installing and works pretty well for your home and garage, regardless of the cost. This heater will focus on heating the room first, and hence it will take time to warm your cold garage door.

Electric ceiling heaters

These heaters are slim heaters that work well for garages and rooms. The appearance of electric ceiling panels is better than those of conventional heaters, and they stick to the ceiling of your garages and slowly radiate heat.

An electric ceiling heater is a good option if you want to look for a stylish yet energy-efficient heater.

Propane gas heater

After the convention wooden stove heater, a propane heater is probably the most affordable heater on the list. However, if you want this heater to work for at least an hour, you'll have to put in as much fuel to make it stay for an hour.

It warms instantly as soon as you start it. This type of heater is not automatic; therefore, you have to put more manual effort than other heaters. There is a manual ignition extension on the heater; you can use it to start your heater.


Is there any other method to heat the garage door except a heater?

A heater might cost you a bunch, but is there any other alternative to heat your garage door?

Yes, a few more alternatives can help you heat the frozen garage door. You use hair drying to warm your frozen garage door.

The hairdryer is available in almost every household. Therefore, you need to turn the heat to the highest setting and constantly move the hairdryer over the frozen garage door.

Working with hairdryers can be tricky, therefore to be on the safe side and avoid hazards, you should call a professional locksmith. He has the appropriate tools to fix your garage door. Always reach out to a reliable locksmith.

Are the duct systems expensive?

Ductless systems work for dual purposes. The entire unit may seem expensive to you when you intend to buy it in the first place. But, the low maintenance cost and energy efficiency are exceptional. Therefore, it's worth every penny.

Is it safe to use a conventional wood-burning stove?

It's safe but not the safest. However, it would help if you were extremely careful while using the wood-burning stove because the nearby items can easily catch fire. Children should stay away from this heater.


Working with heaters can be risky since even a slight mistake and make them catch fire. Therefore you need to understand that it's best to call a professional. Queen City Garage Doors provide premium services at an affordable price.

Do you need professional help?

Are you still struggling g to heat your garage door, but the stubborn garage door is not working?

It's time to call a professional. Queen City Garage Doors offer reliable services to everyone who wants professional aid at affordable prices. You have to call 980-949-0990 and avail exciting offers along with discounts and free consultations. Our professionals offer possibly every service you need. We provide mobile services; therefore, we'll come to your home to fix your garage door.

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