Steel Garage Door VS Wood Garage Door
Written by Queen City Garage Doors on July 14, 2021

Steel or Wood: Which Garage Door is Right for Your Home?

Wood and steel garage doors have a lot of pros. Wood is more expensive than steel, but it looks gorgeous. Steel doors are cheaper and look good too, plus they're more durable than wood.

Garage doors can make or break your home's curb appeal. With security and aesthetic beauty being two key aspects that will affect its value, deciding on the best door for you can be difficult. When you're faced with a choice between steel and wood garage doors, it usually comes down to the cost of a long-lasting product and what will give you the best service daily.

Wood or Steel Garage Door: Prices Consideration

Your budget and what you're willing to spend is a significant factor when comparing the costs of the two types of doors. Wood doors are generally more expensive than steel garage doors. Why? Wood requires a lot of work, so there's more labor involved in the installation process. Plus, wood is generally more expensive than fabricated steel. But other factors might sway your decision, like how much insulation, soundproofing and strength, and stability you need in your door.

Steel garage doors are trendy when it comes to home modification for several reasons. They're affordable, practical, and available. Steel doesn't require as much work during installation or maintenance as wood does, so it's even more affordable and easier to maintain than its counterpart.

Wood or Steel Garage Door: Regular Maintenance Consideration

Your garage's a big part of your home, but it's easy to neglect when you're busy. Spending a little bit of time and resources getting your garage door in good condition can make you feel better about it. It'll also keep it from causing problems for you as you drive in and out.

Garage doors are subject to harsh climates. The hot summers dry the lubricants out, and the cold winters freeze them up. Both wood and steel need maintenance to keep them from acting up. Stained wood doors look elegant with stained or beveled glass windows, but they require more maintenance than steel doors to maintain the natural wood features.

Maintaining a steel garage door is the best door type because it lasts a long time and has minimal effort. A fresh coat of paint once every 3-5 years keeps the doors looking like new! We can help you set up your steel door with the Queen City Garage Doors so that you know it will be taken care of and work the best it can for you. If you're looking to get a new garage door, we have wood or steel options to choose from.

If You Need A New Garage Door, Call The Queen City Garage Doors!

There are many different types of materials to choose from steel and wood. Steel is best for garages that get extremely cold in the winter or if you need to park your car inside. Wood is best for garages that don't have much storage space inside. Queen City Garage Doors will give you a FREE ESTIMATE, so there are no surprise charges!

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