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Written by Queen City Garage Doors on February 9, 2022

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won't Open or Close

Late in the night, when you have been shifting your tools from the backyard to the garage. But, what do you see? The door is neither opening properly nor closing. You can't even leave it because you have your essentials kept there, and you can't just make your belongings vulnerable to theft.

Scenarios worsen when you have no idea what to do. Instead of rushing to a professional, it's better to try to analyze the problem by yourself. Most of the issues can be self-fixed. If the complication with your door lock is demanding, we suggest you call the best service technician available. A remote service provider is preferred over a local one as they'll reach you by themselves regardless of the time.

Whereas if the problem is minor, you can fix it. Therefore, we suggest you once go through an idea of what the issues and their solution could be.

Why is the garage door opener not working?

The garage door opener unit is the core of the garage door, and it synchronizes with metal tracks, rollers, and other metal hardware to make the garage door work. If the garage door won't open or close, then there is a higher possibility of something wrong with the garage door opener.

The sole solution to fix the garage door can be figuring out the right problem and fixing it. But, for that, you need an idea about what mainly can obstruct its working. For that, we suggest you go through the points enlisted below:

Garage doors not aligned properly

Of course, slight ignorance can cause the majority of problems. Ignorances during the installation of garage doors can lead to incorrect alignment. Therefore, It's possible that the technician didn't install the doors properly in the first place.

Improper alignment can hamper the movement of garage doors. Perhaps, you need to ensure that your door is aligned in the proper manner. The following signs can help you to analyze the track that your garage door is following:

  • Make sure that the downward movement of the gate is smooth
  • Analyze all the irregularities in the path.
  • The door tracks should be clear and smooth even without lubrication
  • You can manually open the door without any problem
  • The door is making noise while rolling down.

Photo eyes are not working properly

Photo eyes or safety sensors observe anything beneath the garage door system and work as an exceptional safety feature.

Malfunctioned photo-eye is the most common obstacle disabling the movement of the automatic garage door. Photo-eyes comprise a sending unit and a receiving unit. The sending unit sends a beam that reaches the receiving unit, and the photo-eye transmits a signal every time something crosses the beam.

They work 4 to 6 inches above the ground and cover the top portion across the door. The photo-eye ensures that no children or animals are underneath during the closing of the door.

Make sure that nothing is lying under the door or nearby. It's also possible that a small tool kept under the door obstructs the opening and closing process. Clear the space under and around the garage door and try operating the door again.

Improper alignment of photo-eye

The receiving and sending units are made to align face to face. Even a slight diversion due to physical pressure can disable the photo-eye system of the garage door assembly, which means that the safety feature of your garage door opener is not working. A clicking noise indicates nonworking photo eyes.

Your garage door is well aware of it, and so it resists closing during that period. However, if the garage door works even in the presence of a nonfunctional safety eye, the probability of accidents can increase significantly.

Therefore, your garage door won't open or close, indicating safety assurance. Perhaps, to make the garage door open, you need to correct the alignment of the photo eyes. You can do it manually by simply adjusting it until the sending unit's beam meets the receiving unit.

Openers sensitivity not aligned properly

Additional safety features, i.e., the opener's sensitivity, are added to the garage door system. The limit setting decides the pressure and the length at which the door has to close. The sensitivity of the garage door can be manually altered, which means you can adjust the settings using the garage door remote control. If the settings are incorrectly done, they can hamper the working of the garage door.

When you adjust the setting to the highest, the door stops in the mid of its length, whereas when the settings are too low, the door smashes down, slashing whatever comes underneath.

Therefore, incorrect settings can prove to be dangerous. You need to check the settings and adjust them to the desired unit, which will resolve the garage door's working.

Broken torsion springs or extension springs

If you've been trying a lot, but the garage door still won't open, your torsion springs could be broken. Broken springs work in coordination with tracks, hinges, and rollers to support the opening and closing of the garage door.

The torsion spring attached to the system can rust or get damaged over time due to excessive usage. A broken spring also makes a loud sound when the door opens. Lack of lubrication can also be a cause behind deformed torsion springs.

If the torsion spring breaks, it's better to replace the springs rather than spend a considerable amount on the entire garage door.

Garage door remote control out of battery

The remote controls rule the world of the modern garage door. You can possibly do even the slightest change without touching the garage door manually, and therefore, the garage door obeys the remote.

It's possible that while running the garage door, your remote control might have drained the old batteries. You can check the led light present on the remote control.

You can fix the remote control malfunction by looking over the battery and switching it with new batteries if needed.

Snapped cables

The garage door cables support the weight and aid the proper functioning of the door along with the tension spring. But this can also prove to be the most dangerous element as once the cable breaks, the door will snap abruptly and slash everything that comes underneath. If this happens, you won't be able to open the door.

Ensure that you didn't inadvertently pull the cables which ultimately detached the trolley. Also, we would advise that you must reach a professional technician to fix and replace the broken or loose cables. You should also maintain a certain distance from the garage door since now. It has the tendency to hurt or cause you harm.

Unplugged power cord

If the power cord attached to the opener is accidentally unplugged, that means your system is now deprived of a power source.

Electricity supply is essential for the proper working of the garage door system. Without sufficient electricity, the garage door won't open. Make sure that all the power cords are connected properly.

You might have mistakenly unplugged the power cord leading to a power outage. Ensuring proper electrical supply will resolve the issue.

Insufficient power source

Make sure that your garage door is supplied sufficient power source. Power outages will eventually stop the process of garage door opening and closing.

It's also possible that you might have pulled the disconnect switch. The disconnect switch is attached to a cord and enables you to open the garage doors in power outages safely.

It is also possible that it might be a short circuit. When the voltage is extremely high, the circuit breaker disconnects and saves other electrical appliances by cutting off the electrical supply. To ensure that the garage door is supplied with appropriate energy, you need to check the circuit board.


Can door tracks hamper the working of garage doors?

A smooth garage door track is essential for the hassle-free working of the garage door. The garage door won't open if there is something obstructing the garage door tracks.

You should clean the garage door tracks at regular intervals. You can use a thick bristle broom for this. Lubricate the tracks at regular intervals, at least once in 3 months.

Why does my garage doorstop in the middle?

If the garage door stops in the middle then it's possible that the sensitivity of the garage door opener is not in the appropriate range. You can manually alter the sensitivity of the garage door by using the garage door remote.


The garage door won't open if any of the obstacles mentioned above are there. Ensure you check all the garage door parts and ensure that everything is working fine. It'll be great if you fix the problem yourself but not the most thoughtful decisions. If you are still struggling to fix the door, you should contact a professional to solve your problem.

Are you looking for professional service?

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