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Northwest Garage Doors are one of the most popular brands in the industry. With a wide variety of models, styles, and sizes to choose from, there is a Northwest Door that will fit your needs. Whether you need an energy-efficient door for your new home construction or want something more traditional for your existing garage to remodel project, Queen City Garage Doors has the perfect NWD product for you! Contact us today at 980-949-0990, and we can help find the best fit for you!

Northwest Door, one of the family-owned companies with a highly dedicated workforce, manufactures high-quality residential and commercial garage doors.

Northwest Garage Door has a selection of manufactured garage door models for residential and commercial applications, ranging from steel to wood. With such a wide variety of styles, you are guaranteed the perfect match! The CARRIAGE HOUSE-style garage door replicates traditional swing-type and side-folding carriage doors. The Northwest Door Company offers both the authentic carbage house style and a traditional type in different materials and configurations.

Northwest Garage Door has been a leading seller of garage doors in the Pacific Northwest region since 1946. With an eye on customers’ preferences and added value to your home, we have a long-standing reputation as a quality product line with reliability and integrity.

Our location has ready access to railroads, seaports, and highways, making it easy for us to export quality products to customers throughout Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, the Eastern United States, and beyond. Northwest Door has a large network of distribution centers throughout the Western United States.

NWD trusts that their family of products, including residential and commercial garage doors, garage door springs, and LiftMaster® overhead garage door openers, will continue to offer the largest selection of high-quality equipment guaranteed with the most value.

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If you are looking for a Northwest Garage Door to install in your home or business, then Queen City Garage Doors is the team for you. We have one of the largest inventories on hand and carry many different brands that can match any budget. If your garage door needs replacement, call us at 980-949-0990.

North West Garage Doors Collections

Builder Collection™ MODEL B308S

Builder Collection™ MODEL B308S

The Northwest Door Builder Collection™ is a perfect blend of cutting-edge design and unmatched quality and durability. Whether you're looking for peace of mind on your budget or a door that's unobtrusive and blends with its surroundings, the Northwest Door Builder Collection™ has got you covered – all at an affordable price!

Heritage Classic™ C-Series MODELS

Heritage Classic™ C-Series MODELS

Northwest Door respects your need for the perfect garage door for your residential property. They take pride in constructing the Heritage Classic™ C-Series to be the finest handcrafted wood carriage house-style garage doors. Fine engineering and design by skilled artisans are made out of durable, long-lasting materials that will serve to beautify any home's entrance.

Heritage Classic™ E-Series

Heritage Classic™ E-Series

The E-Series is perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. It’s not just about exquisite appearance; it’s also solid construction designed to endure the elements of your region. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors, including carriage house doors reminiscent of old-time timber mansions with their massive size and elaborate accents or wispy-edged vertical panels that provide glass balanced against thick beams on four sides.

We hope you’ll consider the Heritage Classic™ E-Series when it comes to getting the most beautiful door possible for your situation!


MODELS R106S, RA03S, RA08S, RV01S And RX06S

The Therma Classic is perfect for homeowners seeking a traditional charm in the design of their garage. This insulated carriage house-style steel garage door provides an enhanced look of old-fashioned swing doors, with a deeper pattern instead of most steel garage doors which helps heighten visibility from a distance and better curb appeal.

The Therma Classic is made with sandwich construction, flexible joint seal, and natural Thermal Break to provide warmth and comfort during cold winter months. With its ability to be easily paint matched with any exterior color or staging, you’ll find the Therma Classic will fit into any home's exterior appearance beautifully!


MODELS I206C, IX08S, I006S WG Cherry, And I100C VG Mahogany

The Infinity Classic is a wood grain powder coated aluminum carriage house-style door. With nine style options and eight colors, the perfect combination of elegance with weather resistance and durability can be found. The all-metal construction features NWD joint system, which seals doors at the edges for maximum security against wind infiltration in areas where earthquakes are not an issue; everlasting beauty and durability make this your lifetime investment in home improvement.


MODELS MC45, Clear Anodized, Obscure Glass, And MC55 Dark Fir Wood Grain Powder coat – White Laminated Glass

One of the best parts about a Modern Classic™ is that it's made with an all-aluminum construction. This means your garage door will stand up to whatever life throws at it, and for some, we're considering this strong, reliable design to be like a rolling testament to time itself. What else can you do when durability is important? Painted or powder-coated finishes are both available, so find one that matches your style. The panels on either side of this sleekly designed door are spaced wide enough for large vehicles, and near-soundless closing ensures no disturbances while you're relaxing inside with the family.


MODELS BFL & BFR, Brushed Nickel, White Laminated Glass, And AFLR, Brushed Nickel, Satin Etched Glass

You can finally have the garage of your dreams with Northwest Door! The Modern Tech™ steel garage door is engineered to look great and be incredibly tough. It comes in four stylish finishes and is available as a 52 or 38-inch wide panel, so you’ll never run out of storage space again! Call today for more information on NWD's incredible new steel door at 980-949-0990 now.


MODELS D108C and D203S

The Therma Elite™ garage door from MODELS is an insulated sandwich construction, classic carriage style door that comes in various design styles. The large selection of available designs can be paired with any home exterior architecture and are factory-painted for a durable surface that never needs to be touched up again. The Extira® composite wood overlay provides a perfect space for homeowners seeking the most luxurious look without the high price tag to go along with it.

The Therma Elite doors are designed to work smarter, not harder. With clean-looking precision-cut steel sections and 10% more insulation, these doors keep your home warmer during the winter months while protecting from noise pollution as well as maximizing energy efficiency all year long!

Therma Tech™

Therma Tech™

Therma Tech™ doors provide style and functionality to a variety of homes. Four-panel designs, pre-painted in four different colors, are available; Contemporary Flush Panel or short raised panel, Traditional Panel or long raised door with the flush bottom edge (or high profile panel), Ranch Panel or long raised panel with a flat top and a gloss finish in one standard size: 8 feet tall by 6 inches wide. Carriage panels come in mahogany brown woodgrain that makes them blend into the surrounding woods beautifully.

Northwest Door 500 Series

Northwest Door 500 Series

So, the time has come for you to upgrade your garage door. You're looking for a quality product that will last and still fit into your budget. This new Garage 500 collection of Raised Panel Steel Doors from Northwest is a great option. They'll reduce noise in the neighborhood and provide reliable performance while reducing wind-blown debris on your property or driveway because they are maintenance-free and easy to clean up thanks to NWD standard polyurethane material coating! Stay cool inside during summertime weather with one of these convection insulated doors, too!

Northwest Door Therma Max TM

Northwest Door Therma Max TM

Northwest Door Therma Max TM’s garage doors are designed to stand up to the elements. The experience of finding your car buried in the snow because your old door couldn’t keep out the ever-so-cold blasts from outside is an unfortunate one. Still, Northwest's North American-made garage doors have thermally enclosed chambers that can resist all weather conditions. Homeowners living in cold climates who really enjoy their cars owe it to themselves to install a new door.

Northwest Door Therma Tech IITM

Northwest Door Therma Tech IITM

The Therma Tech IITM from Northwest Garage is the second in their Therma Tech™ line of insulated raised steel panel steel doors. An insulating value of 10.4 features a sandwich construction and natural Thermal Break for increased energy efficiency with qualities suitable to any residential or commercial application seeking insulation without sacrificing style or aesthetics. In addition to its impressive list of desirable features, the NW door comes pre-painted with one of four standard colors coated with matching paint if desired. These great products are available at NW Door!

Northwest Door Therma TechTM

Northwest Door Therma TechTM

The Northwest Therma Tech™ R 9 is the last name in the NWD kind door line! The first in the NWD ultra-impressive Therma Tech™ line is that these garage doors boast four patterns and color options to match your exterior perfectly. Built on top of an insulating steel panel, this garage door will provide you with a character that only Northwest Garage can commit to. You’re not just buying a garage door with these beauties, and you’re getting quality craftsmanship for life!

Northwest Door Township CollectionTM

Northwest Door Township CollectionTM

The Township Collection is perfect for homeowners looking for something to fit their home's look, quality, and budget. Whether it be a traditional new family room with a two-car garage or utilizing your garden-level entrance as your parking area for your third car of house guests, NWD's large selection of designs in a plethora of styles will accommodate every need you could have come up with. Check out NWD's incredibly low pricing on these bump-resistant windows that help to keep each door protected all year round, so they don't falter or fall away with time.

Northwest Door Wood Panel Doors

Northwest Door Wood Panel Doors

Northwest Door Wood Panel doors are just what you need to breathe new life into your aging garage. The product is made from the finest materials and built by seasoned craftsmen, so when you purchase a Northwest door, you’ll be ensured of a lasting investment that enhances your home’s curb appeal. Choose between over 40 beautiful wood finishes to match any design aesthetic desired in your home or business!

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