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If safety and security are essential to you, then I would recommend that you contact Liftmaster. They have been manufacturing garage door openers for 45 years with a proven track record of excellence in the industry. Contact them now at 980-949-0990.

The Liftmaster garage door opener is available at Queen City Garage Doors.

It is a common misconception that garage door openers are built to last forever. In reality, they will need some maintenance and repair work from time to time, just like any other machine or device in our homes. For those who want the best of both worlds: convenience and security - look no further than Queen City Garage Doors!

Liftmaster has been known for its exceptional garage door openers, and as such, we are proud to bring you the newest innovations they have to offer. Their range of products incorporates safety features that will make your home a safer place while also giving performance options, so it's up to you on what is best! The company continues its partnership with us in bringing these items directly from LiftMaster or through our distribution service at any time - all warranties included.

We offer a wide selection of Liftmaster garage door openers.

Liftmaster is the number one garage door opener company in North America. Through their 45 years of experience, they have provided peace of mind to homeowners and tenants alike with expert service that ensures your safety. Liftmaster has a variety of innovative solutions, including automatic programming for over 95% of models as well as heavy-duty commercial doors up to 40' opening widths with five different options: Sectional Doors, Commercial Sliding Gates, Single Car Door Operators, and Swing Gate Operator.

Liftmaster offers the following garage door openers in their collection:

  • Connectivity - With Liftmaster’s MyQ® Technology, you can monitor and control your garage door by connecting with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • P3 Motors™ - For the best performance on your door or gate, you can depend on Liftmaster’s P3 motors. They will open quickly and safely every time!
  • Battery Backup - Liftmaster's patented battery backup system helps to keep your garage door opener open and running even if the power goes out.
  • Safety and Security - With their line of garage door openers, Liftmaster is sure to offer security and safety.

Queen City Garage Door carries a variety of Liftmaster garage openers, including:

  • Elite Series® - Elite Series® Collection from LiftMaster delivers best-in-class performance. The Elite Series provides the most innovative and technologically advanced solution to your home's needs, with ten different models in a wide range of colors that are sure to complement any exterior style or décor.
  • Premium Series - This Collection of openers is the perfect solution for your home. Designed with performance and durability in mind, these openers operate smoothly without any trouble at all! You can use it daily while also having peace of mind that safety is taken into consideration.
  • Contractor Series - This Collection of garage door openers are perfect for people who want to make sure their homes stay protected. They're designed with performance and durability in mind, so they operate smoothly when you need them most!

When you need the best garage door opener, contact us.

Queen City Garage Doors installs garage door openers from all three primary lines of Liftmaster. Our team is experts at installing any type to meet your needs and budget. Call Queen City now for more information today!

Top 5 LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Selecting the best garage door opener should be prioritized for your home. If you have a garage, it is essential to find a model that withstands rust and wears with time, not compromise safety--and looks! Whether looking for basic or advanced features, including remote control access, lights/sensors, etc., there are plenty of options available on the market today. When researching models, they come equipped with all necessary precautions to perform efficiently and without complication-such as security codes or sensors, which can help deter break-ins while protecting valuable items from being stolen too easily.

LiftMaster is a company that has been crafting high-quality products for over fifty years. They have five top models, and each one of them is an excellent choice because they offer something different in terms of features, performance, or design.

LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series

LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series

The LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Jackshaft Operator provides robust safety features and high durability for a garage door opener priced below $700. Remodeling professionals designed this unit to offer the best of both worlds: convenience and security, all with a quiet motor that is safe for 24/7 use. The space-saving design also minimizes installation time and energy costs while adding considerable functionality for organizing your garage. You’ll have more overhead room with this installation; plus, it can be controlled remotely from afar if you need to get something out of work or arrive home late at night.

The 8500 Elite Series by LiftMaster is an excellent way to keep your family safe when you're away from the house. Manual entry is critical for avoiding someone trying to sneak in, and there are built-in sensors that let you know if someone else has tried. You can also control this fantastic garage door opener with your smartphone or other devices, ensuring these appliances are almost always under your watchful eye. The security system allows only those who have a code known by both parties to enter through the manually operated gate. Replacement parts are easy to find in case of any need too!

LiftMaster 1355

LiftMaster 1355

A sleekly designed ac chain drive garage door opener with a budget-friendly price tag, this unit offers all the quality features you’re looking for. At 1/2 HP and chain drive, it has the power and reliability to open and close your garage door with ease no matter what time of day or night. The lighted remote control makes opening and closing the gate a breeze even after dark. With its built-in WiFi connection, there’s never an obstacle getting in or out of your home again!

LiftMaster is a leader in the garage door opener business because they always seek new and improved models for homeowners. The LiftMaster 1355 is a state-of-the-art model that includes two power sources: one battery-powered, one electric. When you purchase this model, you can arm your system remotely with helpful gadgets like the MyQ app or even through Amazon Echo! If someone tries entering your home without permission while it’s armed, get an alert right away on your phone so you can safely intervene from afar. With its steel chassis and four-year warranty on the motor, this unit will keep going for generations to come!

LiftMaster 3265-267 Premium Series

LiftMaster 3265-267 Premium Series

LiftMaster 3265-267 offers superb value for money with its rugged and reliable built and excellent performance. The premium series model features a 200-watt light system that makes it easy to see at night by automatically turning on the lights upon sensing darkness; this is automatic security you can do without. With an adjustable time delay setting to control the lighting systems on/off times in addition to other handy features such as a noise insulation muffler housing kit, powerhead assembly for reduced maintenance requirements like belt drives or pulleys, and foot mount design for easy installation – Liftmaster's third-best garage door opener guarantees safety against burglary while allowing peace of mind so that these doors will last.

The LiftMaster 3265-267 will help you to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. It is equipped with Patented PosiLock technology, which means it locks securely each time you use it. With sensors around the product, this model strives to ensure that the door does not accidentally close on anyone or anything as they enter or exit a room. The Patented PosiLock system also ensures durability so that your loved ones are journeying up in style for years to come. Sometimes security doesn't have to cost a lot; this model offers affordability and excellent quality at a perfect balance!

LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W

LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W

LiftMaster's 8500 Elite Series WiFi Garage Door Opener is designed for those who require the silence of a wall-mounted garage door opener. The newest addition to the LiftMaster QuietLift™ family, this version includes an industry-first DC battery backup system that assures smooth operation should there be an extended power outage. Just like the regular 8500 model, it has a space-saving design and operates super quietly; make sure you know what you need before ordering this product!

Finding you're remote just became so much easier! This innovative technology by LiftMaster connects to your home WiFi network and is operated on any mobile device. There is no more spending time looking for that pesky remote control or arming it with a complicated set of codes in the dark. With this system, you can enjoy maximum convenience without stress or worry, all at the touch of a button from anywhere within reach of your WiFi signal.

LiftMaster 8550W

LiftMaster 8550W

Have you ever been the one stuck outside waiting for someone to open the garage door to get in and move their car? With LiftMaster’s wireless capabilities, that doesn’t need to happen. The 8550W has a motion detector that knows when your car is on the other side of the garage door, so it will be easy for you to get inside from either your phone or even without being home! You can also use it to monitor all of their activity while they are away, such as opening/closing the doors, setting lights turning off or on, watching them live through an internet-connected camera if necessary. WiFi is something everyone should have nowadays, so why not incorporate it into your garage too?

Your new LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener not only comes with safety sensors that prevent your door from ever closing on an object you are holding, but it also features a moving part system to ensure easy starts and stops. This convenient opener updates its security code every time you use it for added protection against thieves in the world today. It is also quick to install if your old one has recently gone out on you! The sleek silver design would look great installed in traditional homes as well as ranch-style ones.

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