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Our Huntersville garage door repair experts are the best in their field. They can take care of all your garage door needs, big or small.

No repair is too big or small. We guarantee you that we will stand by with your service.

You're looking for a garage door company in Huntersville, North Carolina?

Queen City Garage Doors of Huntersville is the best choice. We provide fast, reliable, affordable, and professional garage door opener services to residents of Huntersville. Whether you need new springs or want your old opener tuned up, we can help with all your needs!

We have been in business since 2006, so we know how to do things right. Our technicians will come out and give you an estimate on the spot with no hidden fees or charges. You'll get honest answers about what needs to be done, as well as options that may work better for your budget. And if it turns out our services aren't needed at all - we won't charge anything! It doesn't matter if it's just a quick fix or something more complicated - we'll take care of everything from start to finish without any hassle on your end.

Call us today at 980-949-0990! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Residential & Commercial Garage Doors in Huntersville, North Carolina

Garage doors are important safety features of your home or business. You need to ensure they are always working correctly, and if not, you need someone reliable who can fix them quickly.

If you're in the market for garage door repair services, it's hard to know where to look. We all have busy lives and don't want to waste our time on companies that won't do a good job or charge too much.

Queen City Garage Doors is here for you! Whether your residential garage door needs repairs or maintenance, we'll be there fast and at an affordable price. Our technicians are experienced with all types of residential garage doors, including sectional doors and commercial overhead doors like rolling steel doors and automatic gates such as swing-out bifold style gates. We also service broken springs & cables on any garage door, from wood carriage house style uprights to steel roll-up industrial bay-style overhead

Our Garage Door Services in Huntersville NC

New Garage Door Installation & Replacement

We all know that the garage door is an essential part of your home. It’s used every day, and it protects the interior of your house from severe weather conditions, but if you don't have a new garage door installed in Huntersville, NC, it can be a safety hazard for you and your family.

Garage doors can be expensive to replace, especially if they need work done on them before you get the new one installed.

With our team of experts, we'll help guide you through the entire door replacement process from start to finish so that there are no surprises along the way. Call us today at 980-949-0990!

New Garage Door Installation & Replacement

24 Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair

Most people don't want to deal with garage door repair at night or on the weekend.

We get it; nobody wants to call a garage door company when they're in an emergency. It's too late for that now because your garage door is broken and you need help fast!

Queen City Garage Doors of Huntersville provides 24-hour emergency service 7 days a week. Our technicians can come out and fix any problem you might have with your garage doors right away. We'll be there as soon as possible, ready to fix whatever issue you are having so that we can get your life back to normal again quickly and easily!

24 Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Maintenance & Tune-Up

Did you know that most garage door owners don't realize their garage doors need maintenance until they stop working?

The average homeowner spends $500 on a new garage door. That's because most homeowners wait for their garage doors to break down before they get them fixed.

Get your garage door maintenance and Tune-Up today and avoid costly repairs tomorrow! Call Queen City Garage Doors at 980-949-0990 to schedule an appointment with one of our Huntersville, NC Garage Door Technicians. Our team will inspect your existing unit, perform any necessary maintenance services, and give you a detailed report about the current status of your system so that you can make informed decisions regarding future repairs or replacements. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with every service we provide, and all work is guaranteed for 365 days from the date of purchase!

Garage Door Maintenance & Tune-Up

Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement & Repair

A broken garage door spring can be very dangerous and inconvenient. If you have a broken garage door spring, you need to fix it immediately.

You don't want your family or friends getting hurt by the falling door! And you don't want to pay for unnecessary repairs – that's what we are here for! We will replace any broken springs in Huntersville within an hour of your call.

Our team is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and parts needed for broken garage door spring replacement and repair in Huntersville, North Carolina. Our job is not only to repair or replace the broken springs but also to make sure they won't break again in the future by performing thorough maintenance on them before leaving your property.

Don’t hesitate to contact us right away if you have any questions about our services or schedule an appointment online today!

Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement & Repair

Garage Door Openers Services

Is your garage door opener giving you trouble?

You’ve come to the right place. Queen City Garage Doors of Huntersville is here for you, with fast and reliable service that’s affordable and professional. We have a team of experts ready to help you out 24/7. No matter what time it is or how big the problem, we can get it fixed in no time at all!

Whether your garage door opener needs new parts or just some routine maintenance, our technicians are on-call 24 hours a day to make sure everything gets taken care of quickly and efficiently. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction – so if there’s anything we can do for you today, don't hesitate to give us a call!

Call us now at 980-949-0990 for more information about our garage door openers services!

Garage Door Opener Replacement & Installation

Garage Door Opener Replacement & Installation

Garage door opener replacements and installations are not for the faint of heart. They require technical skills that most homeowners don't have.

If you're looking to replace your garage door opener, we can help. We've been helping people like you in Huntersville since 2006.

Our experienced technicians will arrive at your home on time and ready to get started with a free estimate for replacing or installing new garage door openers. You'll be able to make an informed decision about what's best for you when it comes time to choose from our wide range of high-quality products available in different sizes, prices, and warranties, all tailored just for your needs!

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair

You probably don't think about your garage door opener until it breaks down. When that happens, you're left with a broken garage door and a big problem on your hands.

Garage doors are important for protecting the stuff inside our homes, but they can also be dangerous when they aren't working correctly. A faulty garage door is an accident waiting to happen!

Queen City Garage Doors offers fast and reliable repair services in Huntersville, NC, to help get your home or business back up and running as quickly as possible. Our experienced technicians will have your garage door open and closed again in no time, so you won’t have any more problems with it breaking down at inconvenient times.

Our Huntersville Garage Door Service Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction is our priority. That is why we treat all of our customers with the utmost respect and care, whether they are new customers or long-time clients.

The reviews below offer insight into what some of our most recent clients have to say about their experience working with Queen City Garage Doors:

5 / 5 stars

I had my garage door serviced. The technician did a great job and was very nice. Very pleased with the service I received.

Queen City Garage Doors logo
Matthew from Huntersville
5 / 5 stars

The garage door that Queen City installed for me is gorgeous! Installation went smoothly; they were quick and professional.

Queen City Garage Doors logo
Charles from Huntersville
5 / 5 stars

I'm so glad I found this company. They were professional, affordable, and prompt. The work was done quickly.

Queen City Garage Doors logo
Marta from Huntersville
5 / 5 stars

Queen City Garage Doors repaired my garage door after a recent storm. I couldn't be happier with their fast, professional work! It feels good to know that you have someone reliable should your garage door ever need service again!

Queen City Garage Doors logo
Oliver from Huntersville

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