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Written by Queen City Garage Doors on July 12, 2022

How To Stop Garage Door From Slamming

Even though garage doors don't have a mouth, there are several methods to tell whether they're having issues. Detecting a problem with a garage door is typically aided by listening for audible clues. You may avoid more serious issues by repairing the garage door as soon as you hear it make a strange noise.

Several issues may arise with your garage door, starting from something as essential as electrical problems in your opener to something a little more complicated like garage drafts.

Among the most common garage door issues, we have discussed them and solutions and ways to avoid them occurring in the future.

Is Your Garage Door Slamming Shut?

Garage Door Hinges Need Replacing

Malfunctioning, broken, and defective springs are the most prevalent reasons behind your garage door slamming problem. The door's weight of your garage is supported by springs, which produce enough compression to allow it to be lowered in a controlled way. To be clear, only sturdy and well-made parts can provide this kind of load. When springs are under a lot of tension, they might snap, and as time passes, they weaken.

Mainly, springs can endure a closing and opening cycle of 5,000 to 20,000 times. They may begin to lose strength or may fail beyond this period. If your door is slamming, this might be an early symptom of spring loss if the springs aren't strong enough to support the door's weight. Malfunctioning springs cause loud noise while making a grinding sound whenever the door closes.

Is your garage door slamming shut? It's likely that your springs are broken and need to be replaced without any delay. A broken spring might become a bullet and leave your door useless until repaired.

Your Garage Door Opener Chain Is Expired, Or The Track Is Dirty

Your automatic garage door is supported by a chain as well. When the chain loosens over time, it causes the door to shut quicker and more challenging, much like the springs do. Perhaps the chain is loose when you can hear the garage door slam, observe if the chain is loose, or notice it banging against other components.

Does your garage door slam shut? It's also possible that there's dirt on the track. This also causes your garage door to slam shut with a loud bang.

What's Going On With Your Garage Door?

Garage door

Inability To Open Or Close Garage Doors Smoothly

Having a garage door that sticks or wiggles whenever you open or closes it is a typical and irritating issue. It's a pain to open and then complete your garage door. However, this issue can frequently happen yet get unaddressed.

The good news is that fixing a jammed garage door will be a piece of cake. A filthy or clogged track or jammed rollers and springs might be the ones to be blamed for your blocked garage door.

Lubrication may be applied to the rollers and hinges of your garage door if they are stuck. Garage doors should open and close smoothly after following these instructions.

How To Stop Garage Door From Slamming

Anti-Slam Door Hinges Are A Must

As the name implies, they're called door hinges because they keep doors from slamming. Because these hinges slow down your garage door's closing speed, they reduce the noise it makes.

Because they're more costly than standard hinges, you're better off seeing whether standard hinges will do the trick. Overhead door closers are incredibly similar to these devices. 

Overhead Door Closer 

Many people use overhead closers to prevent doors from shutting too quickly as a safety measure. Look for door closers made of steel or aluminum, which are more durable than their plastic counterparts.

There's also a way to customize the closer's pressure and pace. Using an overhead door closer's hinge compression setting will prevent the door from crashing during severe winds.

Felt Pads Are A Good Option

Felt pads may prevent the garage door from slamming shut too quickly. Self-adhesive pads are used to protect the floor from furniture scuffs. They are inexpensive.

Put felt pads on both the bottom and the top of the door frame or the wall, then secure them using double-sided tape. Also, place the felt pads on both the foot and the top of the striking plate to protect it. These cushions should provide sufficient padding and gentleness to slow down your garage door's closing process.

Set A Door Sweep

Door filters and door sweeps are two terms for the same thing. The word "door sweep" applies to the pieces of filtering material that individuals install at the end of their doors to keep out chilly air. Additionally, they're excellent for soundproofing doors. If you place a door sweep on your house's every door, you should be able to keep the door from slamming shut because of the wind.

These sweepers are very simple to set up. All you have to do is follow the directions for installing the sweep at the foot of the door. Changing out or moving the door sweep is a simple task since they are very simple to remove.

Door Slam Stopper

Door slam stoppers resemble a foam letter C and are often sold in sets of two or more. As a result, they may be used on several doors in your house if necessary. A pack of four can be purchased online for roughly £5, as this is a cost-effective choice.

Slip them over the garage door frame or at the end of the door. This way, the garage door getting slammed will be impossible, but you will still be able to shut it. This gadget has the extra advantage of preventing children from trapping their fingers inside the door due to its required purpose. As a result, if the door slams because of the wind, they are less likely to injure themselves.

Get A Door Wedge 

The usage of door wedges was far more popular in the past. They are made of plastic and shaped triangularly. Just slip the narrowest end under a door with a flat surface placed on the ground.

 Gently yet firmly, keep pushing the wedge till it stops going any further. It'll close the door behind you at this point. The huge section of the wedge stops it from sliding forward to smash. If you want to keep the door open instead of simply preventing it from slamming, door wedges are perfect. 

Door Silencers

You can also stop your doors from banging by using a door silencer. You might have walked by them without noticing in hospitals, schools, and other public areas.

Heavy-duty rubber is used to make door silencers, which are comprised of two parts. The first portion is cone-shaped, and it is joined to a plain, circular base that is also flat.

You need to Drill a quarter-inch hole in the door frame for the installation of a door silencer. You need to insert the cone-shaped component of the silencer into the hole's opening. In this case, the silencer's circular portion will extend out of the casing. Whenever the door strikes it, the majority of the energy is absorbed. Thus there is no slamming sound.

Add Door Stops To The Wall

As long as you don't push the garage door too forcefully, it won't smash into the wall. With a variety of options, you should quickly screw in a door stop on the wall that's behind the door.

Many have a spring design. The spring receives the energy that comes from the garage door. Others have a rubber tip on a solid metal body. As an alternative to just slamming the door shut, you may use a door stop that is hook-based. To hang the door, use a hook and an eye attached to the wall where the usual door stop location is. As a result, the garage door will be impossible to open or close until you connect a latch to the garage door.

It's Time To Change The Door Hinges

If your door hinges are fitted incorrectly, they may become unbalanced and bang on their own. The hinge screws can be tightened, but if they're worn out, you must replace them.

If this is the case, each hinge should be removed and replaced separately. Remove the old one from both the doorframe and the door and replace it. Then, using a level, verify the alignment and adjust the hinges to ensure that it is perfectly upright. Do the same thing with the other hinges. 

You can also do a blog search for details on ways to prevent garage door problems. Your garage door problems might be happening because of an obvious reason, such as a lack of energy-efficient systems meaning dead batteries.

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