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Written by Queen City Garage Doors on February 20, 2022

How to Manually Close Garage Door?

Garage doors are the first defense that ensures the safety of your belongings. With new and developed technologies, garage doors are advanced and work automatically.

Nowadays, most conventional garage doors are replaced by automatic garage doors. The automatic garage door works with remote control, and the remote control is super handy and can be accessed from a distance. The advantage of having an automatic garage door is that you don't have to make an effort to open a heavy garage door every time you need something from the garage.

Imagine coming back home from a long day; you park your car inside the garage. You won't probably wish to close the garage door all by yourself when you are already exhausted. The automatic garage door opener will make your work easy in such scenarios. All you have to do is click a single button on the garage door remote, and the large metal garage door will close by itself.

However, when your garage door opener is not working for some reason, it becomes hard to do the work by yourself. It would help if you went through the article to know more about why your garage door opener won't work and how you can disengage your garage door manually.

Why isn't the Garage door opener working?

When you cannot open your garage door by using the keypad, there is a high possibility that your garage door opener is not working. But why isn't it working?

There are several reasons behind a non-functional garage door. It would help if you looked below to look at some common reasons:

Broken springs

The garage door opener helps open the garage door automatically without putting in any effort. The door opener synchronizes with the trolley, torsion springs, and cables. If the garage door spring breaks, the garage door's balance can disrupt; thereby, there is a massive chance for the garage door to crash down, smashing everything underneath.

Therefore, it's better to replace your garage door springs rather than spend a considerable amount on the entire garage door.

Sensors malfunction

The automatic door opener has inbuilt sensors by the use of which it estimates the position to stop and move. The malfunction of sensors can make the garage door stop in the middle.

If the sensor range is on the higher side, it'll probably make the garage door stop halfway. But if it's at the low side, the garage door will crash down. However, you can change the range of sensors manually using a garage door remote. Therefore, adjust the settings, and the door will be fixed.

Photo-eye not working

The photosensors might not be working properly. Photosensors or safety eyes ensure the garage door's safety. They sense anything that's underneath the garage door.

Therefore, if the garage door is not working due to the safety sensors, there might be something kept below the door; it can be a small toolbox or a simple stick. Perhaps, you need to clear the space below and around the garage door.

Incorrect alignment

If the garage door is stuck in the middle, then it's possible that its alignment is not appropriate. Check if the tracks are not correctly aligned, or maybe the door is bending in the wrong direction.

If there is a problem with the alignment of the garage door, then it's possible that the garage door was incorrectly installed. Only a technician can fix it. Therefore, consider consulting a professional.

Malfunctioning garage door remote

The remote controls the working of the entire garage door. You might constantly be trying to press the remote control, but the garage door won't respond. The problem may be lying with the remote and not the garage door.

The remote stops working due to several reasons:

  • The keypad might have exhausted all its batteries during the garage door's closing.
  • The keypad is not working due to frayed wires inside.
  • The keypad cannot transfer the signal because of some obstruction in its way.

How do you close your garage door manually?

To close a garage door manually, you need to check the following steps mentioned below:

1. Check if the garage door is in the down position

While closing a garage door manually, make sure that the door is already in the closed position. If the door is in the open position then, whenever you apply force to pull it down, it will detach from the trolley. The trolley ensures the smooth movement of the garage door.

If this happens, then most probably, the garage door will abruptly crash down, and this will not only damage the door but may also harm anyone who's standing beneath or around the door. Therefore, do not risk opening the garage door by yourself if it is in an open position.

2. Pull the emergency release cord down

If you have seen an automatic garage door keenly, you might have observed a red cord hanging from the garage door. The rope is directly connected to the trolley and the garage door opener carriage. This red cord is installed in garage doors for emergency purposes.

In case of fire or breakouts, this emergency release cord is used to control the garage door in the absence of electricity. But you can use it to disengage the garage door manually.

Climb on the ladder to attain a certain height, now pull the red cord softly without losing your balance. You will hear a click sound, which means the cord has been disengaged from the trolley, and now it will smoothly roll down to close the garage door.

3. Cross-check the red cord

Confirm that the cord has been disengaged from the door by implying inf=pecting it from inside. Look at the inner side and observe if the torsion spring has lifted a bit.

The spring lifts when the cord detaches from the trolley and the garage door opener. Eventually, the cord detaches from the spring, making it appear slightly uplifted.

It is crucial to confirm whether the garage door is released. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself if the door is still in operation.

4. Pull the garage door down to close the garage door manually

Pulling the door manually is a tiresome yet straightforward process. Since you have to pull the entire heavy door at once, it becomes challenging to deal with it.

Once you have done all the work in your garage and the door is not working due to some glitch, you'll have to close the door manually. Pull the door with all your force and then lock using the door's manual lock it as soon as it reaches down. Make sure to leave the door in manual mode as the automatic mechanism is not working.

What is the need to close garage doors manually?

The urge to close the garage door manually is usually due to a non-working automatic mechanism. Usually, the garage door does not need manual effort, but in power outages and short circuits, the door does not respond to the keypad.

Also, in emergencies like a fire, you might need to open the garage door manually if the electricity is automatically disconnected.


Is it difficult to manually open and close a garage door?

Manually opening the garage door is not as difficult as we think it to be since we were operating the garage door manually before the introduction of automatic garage doors.

It might be a bit complex due to its complex structure. Moreover, we can't deny that the garage door is hefty.


The garage door will probably open manually without any fuss if you follow the above-mentioned simple steps. But still, if you find it difficult, you must approach a professional to help you out since the garage doors are heavy and not to forget that they are a piece of machinery that can cause you to harm if not handled appropriately.

Call for professional help!

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