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Written by Queen City Garage Doors on June 9, 2022

How to know when to replace the garage door?

Garage doors are essential to garages, just like your home door is to your home. It facilitates you with an entrance for your vehicles and provides the first line of defense to your garages. Therefore, your garage door needs to function correctly.

Not only for safety purposes, but garage doors enhance your home's elegance. However, old and worn-out garage doors can drop the value of your home at the same time. But, that's obvious that machines and metals are not perpetual; they have a fixed life.

Perhaps, over time and with the action of the environment, the garage door gets dull.

The life of a typical garage door is pretty long if it's made of steel or aluminum-like material. But is it only the base and the support that makes up the entire garage door? Probably not; the garage door comprises many other parts that work together in synchronization to make up a complete working unit.

What is the life span of garage doors?

The life span of a garage door depends upon the make-up material. The garage door's life dramatically depends on the life of the material used to make the door. The frame and other parts like rollers, garage door openers, hinges, and springs also decide the life of garage doors. Let us look at the material used to make the garage door.

Vinyl garage doors

Vinyl garage doors are the most classy ones; these garage doors are made up of vinyl available in different colors. They are further supported by aluminum or steel panels to give them a backbone. Garage doors made up of vinyl work pretty well, and they can stay as long as 30 years.

Wood garage doors

Wooden garage doors are the most stylish yet the most expensive ones. We have been using wood garage doors for ages, and therefore, it's an excellent pick for vintage-loving people. However, their durability is not like steel and aluminum garage doors.

Wood lovers can add a modification to the garage doors to make them look more elegant. Their life span can vary between 20 to 30 years.

Steel garage doors

Steel garage doors are the most common ones, and these doors have a comparatively longer lifespan. Speel doors can be seen outside various households. They might not be the most stylish ones but can be modified to look so. They are available in a variety according to appearance and rage.

Additional methods can insulate steel garage doors. Steel is usually not a pure conductor but can be galvanized to overcome the conductivity drawback. Not only one layer but steel garage doors consist of multi-layers of other metals that make it last up to 20 to 30 years.

Aluminum garage doors

Aluminum garage doors are a great alternative to steel garage doors. However, unlike steel garage doors, they do not rust but provide the same support and durability. The aluminum garage door is your pick for those looking for a budget-friendly garage door.

Aluminum garage doors can be modified according to the customer's preference. They are comparatively less heavy, and however, they do not come with insulation properties. However, by the use of other methods and materials, they can be insulated. They also work for 20 to 30 years, like steel garage doors.

When should I install a new garage door?

Before deciding to switch the old garage door with the new one, you need to look further at some signs that will help you make the decision:

Signs indicating the need for Garage door replacement

Damaged garage door

An average garage door undergoes around 1200 to 1500 repeated opening and closing cycles. Moreover, constant use can damage your garage door over time. The garage door system costs not only the heavy frame but also some little hardware that makes up the complete garage door.

Constant usage can damage your garage door; therefore, you might be able to see clear signs that can make you replace your garage door.

Garage door track

The garage door's lifespan also depends upon its working parts. A fine functional garage door consists of smooth garage door tracks. Garage door tracks become irregular and rough over time. Also, dust and debris accumulate in the tracks, which may hamper their working. Look for the possible signs and the path of tracks.

Garage door rollers

You need satisfactory garage door maintenance; along with that, you need to constantly check whether any of its parts are non-functional or not. The older garage doors do not have properly functioning rollers.

Rollers enable the garage door to slide down smoothly. A poor garage door roller can create a need to replace the entire door if not treated on time.

Check the movement of rollers. Ensure that the garage door is running straight and not bending anywhere.

Garage door torsion spring

A torsion spring is one of the essential pieces of hardware that supports the entire garage door. Your old garage door might have worn out torsion springs, making it difficult for you to work.

Although torsion springs can be changed without extra cost, they can damage the entire door if not treated on time.

Garage door opener

A garage door opener initiates the process of garage door opening and closing. You might need a garage door repair service if your oper is not working.

But if your garage door opener is entirely non-functional, you might need a garage door replacement.

Worn out garage door

A garage door can damage over time. Garage doors with poor durability cannot sustain heavy rains and strong winds. Also, they get filthy and stiff over time.

Getting it repaired again and again won't solve your problem if your garage door has dents or bends. You need to get yourself an entirely new garage door.

Rusting of garage door

Some garage doors like wood and aluminum have a privilege over steel garage doors because they do not rust over time. However, though steel garage doors are less expensive and durable, they rust over time.

The problem with using it is so bad that it can eat the entire door over a period of time. The garage door becomes weak and cannot be repaired after that. It would help if you got your garage door replaced after a certain period.


What should be done to extend a garage door's life?

A garage door demands complete maintenance to extend its life by 3 to 4 years than the life of an average garage door.

The most important is lubrication at regular intervals. A good lubrication of garage doors and their hardware is essential to make them stay for longer.

Do not use the manual option to open the garage door very often. If your garage door comes with remote control, it should be operated by the remote only.

Also, you should keep a regular check on the garage doors and get their warn out and overused parts exchanged.

Are the steel garage doors good in the long run?

A steel garage door is a fantastic option if you are looking for durable garage doors at a reasonable price. The steel garage doors last for pretty long.

The only drawback about the steel garage doors is iron; their steel garage doors also rust, and the rusting process can slowly damage your entire lock.

Do you want to replace your garage door?

Are you able to figure out if you want to replace the garage door or not?

Most probably yes, then why wait any longer? Search for the best garage door professional around you. Many companies offer good services at affordable prices. One such company is Queen City Garage Doors. You can look for the company's information on its official page or call them.

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