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Written by Queen City Garage Doors on March 7, 2022

How to insulate a garage door

Have you needed pending a lot on AC and heater bills lately?

You might be trying a lot to maintain the inside environment of your home, but your garage door is not letting you do that. But what isn't my garage door able to protect me from the outside environment?

The reason for that is the non-insulation of the garage door. To avoid further expenditure on excessing bills, you need to consider insulating the garage door.

Go through the below-mentioned article to study the need for insulated garage doors.

What is the need for garage door insulation?

Insulation is essential when it comes to the garage door. The basic concept of insulation is preventing any energy from entering your home. The power may be a heatwave or an electric shock.

By insulating the garage doors, you can prevent the outside frost or heat from entering inside your garage space so that you can stay warm in winters and cool in summers.

An insulated garage door ultimately protects you from unnecessary electricity bills and the need to install heaters or air conditioners in the garage door additionally. Therefore, it ensures energy efficiency.

To insulate a garage door, you need to go through the underlying steps mentioned:

Steps to insulate garage doors

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps properly to insulate your garage door successfully.

Step-1. The right measurement

Start with its panels when you are about to measure your garage door. Measure each door panel carefully because you'll have to insulate every panel individually.

The correct measurements are only possible by the use of meaning tapes. Using the tape measure every dimension of all the panels,

Since this step is essential, you need to be highly vigilant. Any wrong measurement can lead to incorrect insulation of your garage door.

Step-2. Foam board insulation

The type of foam for insulation available in the market is made up of polystyrene material. But before you purchase them, make sure that they do not catch fire and are foil-faced

Do not buy thick sheets since they are not easy to fold and cut for proper insulation. I prefer thin foam sheets as they are easy to use.

Step-3. Do you look for 'R-value'?

R-value refers to the ability of the foam to provide insulation from the external environment. Before buying the material, you need to check the R-value of the foam sheet.

Different foam materials possess different R-values, amongst which polyisocyanurate has the highest value.

Those living in comparatively hotter regions should pick the material with a higher R-value since those with less R-value cannot sustain themselves in such an environment. At the same time, residents of a colder area can pick any material to insulate the garage door.

Step-4. Trim the sheets

Once you have selected the garage door material you are going to use, it's time to modify the sheets to fit correctly in your garage door. To cut the sheets, you first need a utility knife.

If you feel that a utility knife takes much more time, you can use a comparatively bigger hand saw. Cut the straight edge of the sheet to ensure its uniformity.

You need to trim out several sheets required to be entirely inside the door. Make sure that you cut enough sheets that no part is left uninsulated.

Ask a professional to cut them for you if they seem complex.

Step-5. Installation

After trimming foam, the last process is sticking the foam against the garage door to provide insulation.

Start by picking up the smallest piece of the cutouts and sticking them against the garage door. Ensure that the foiled side should face you and stick its back to the garage door panel. Cover all the sides and the majority of the garage door with neatness.

A single board is hard to tuck at once; consider tucking the pieces one at a time. If you cut the pieces in big sizes, folding the whole foam board at once will become hard.


Is insulation of garage doors economical?

Since when you manually insulate the garage door using polystyrene foam boards, the insulation cost is not much high. But if you cannot do it yourself and take professional help, the charges are comparatively high. Since a professional will also charge you for his service.

Still, we prefer a professional service only if you don't know the process and waste the material and the money. You can look for a professional service that offers insulation at a lower cost for better options.

Do you need garage door insulation kits for batt insulation?

Batt serves to be the best material if you live in a hotter region, and this will eventually save money and time as the batt is comparatively economical. Here are some basic things you need for installing batting on your garage door.

Garage door insulation kit

Garage insulation kits are available are very cheap yet very useful. They contain premade materials to ease the process of insulation. The price of insulation kits may vary according to your budget.

You need to get a suitable kit to insulate the garage door successfully.

Measuring tape

it would help if you had an appropriate messaging tape to measure the panels and the edges of the garage door so that you can fit the right batting piece at the right place.

What is the essential requirement to insulate the garage door?

Some basic things you need to have to proceed with the proper insulation of your garage door are:

  • A tape to measure
  • Utility knife
  • Pencil for markings
  • Batting kit
  • Foam board for insulation
  • Cleaning and finishing materials.


Since now, when you have done insulating the garage door appropriately, the garage door should not possibly conduct heat or frost. Observe it for some time. If it still does, you need to call a professional to fix it.

Need a professional?

The insulation procedure is easy and small, but what should you do if the garage door cannot insulate properly?

If you have done everything to insulate the garage door, still it's of no use, then it's time to call a professional. Queen City Garage Doors offer reliable services to everyone who wants professional aid at affordable prices. You have to call 980-949-0990 and avail exciting offers along with discounts and free consultations. Our professionals offer possibly every service you need. Other than that, we provide mobile services; therefore, we'll come to your home to fix your garage door.

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