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Written by Queen City Garage Doors on April 3, 2022

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Types of machinery have a very uncertain life, and poor maintenance can eventually diminish their life even more. However, it's crucial to look after your garage door to verify its proper working and look for faulty hardware. Usually, if a garage door is not functioning correctly, it eventually, after working the garage door opener and m makes them challenging to operate.

Cross-check all the hardware, including springs, bottom roller bracket, and tracks. It becomes essential to check and lubricate the garage door once every six months to work correctly and stay for a considerable time.

Here we have enlisted some essential everyday tips that you can easily follow to maintain your garage door. It's best to consider having a vigil on the garage door while you are already looking after other households' chores, and it will hardly take a few minutes.

Why is garage door maintenance necessary?

Just like you take care of your daily working gadgets like computers and LEDs, it's essential to look after your garage door to ensure its proper functioning for a longer duration.

Sometimes minor malfunctions like broken garage door springs and negligence amplify problems that can cost you money. Therefore, it's best to fix them on time. Applying lubricant to the garage door at regular intervals might not be time-consuming. However, if it's not done, then it might make the garage door rust and eventually damage the entire door.

It's essential to check the garage door twice every year to ensure smooth functioning and long life.

Steps and tips for maintaining garage doors

An average garage door requires a similar process for maintenance and examination of faulty hardware. Here we have mentioned some basic steps following which you can check your garage door and save yourself from all kinds of future hidden expenses. Side by side, this will ensure the longevity of your garage door.

Observation of garage door

You first need to check the garage door properly for a proper maintenance routine. You might start by observing the sound coming from the garage door. Properly working garage doors do not make any sound. Whereas, if the garage door is producing a mischievous sound, then there might be a possibility that certain garage door parts are not working correctly.

Properly check all the garage door's moving parts to ensure that every garage door element is working correctly.

You might find some wood doors in households. These wood doors don't have many metal parts except the spring and some screws. Check them properly and ensure that the door's wooden part is appropriately placed.

Have a look at the garage door cables and door opener

To check the door opening, you must check the garage door cables and springs. The cables provide a complete connection between the garage door opener and rollers. They, in turn, are connected to springs. Garage door owners usually ignore such small hardware sets, leading to future complications.

Also, check the position and alignment of door openers. However, we suggest reaching a professional garage door service as these parts are sensitive and might cause you harm.

Time to have a look at the hardware

You might be using your garage door extensively. Garages carry several essential tools and your daily use vehicle that you might constantly be opening several times. Eventually, the hardware working in synch with the garage door might loosen up or crack over time.

Properly analyze the working of hardware, including springs, opener's chain, door tracks, and placing of the safety sensors. Tighten up the bolts and nuts using appropriate tools.

Switch the rollers

Rollers serve to be an integral part of the garage doors. Therefore, you must check the proper working of the garage door rollers. Check the rollers two times a year and see if they need replacement. Usually, the door's rollers demand replacement after every five years.

You can easily replace the rollers by simply removing the roller brackets that hold the door. Properly check the door's path and check if nothing obstructs the working.

Lubrication, lubrication, and lubrication!

Lubrication of hardware is a crucial step of the maintenance process. You need to lubricate the garage door moring parts once every six months, and lubrication is not time-consuming.

Using white lithium grease is the most appropriate lubricant for garage doors. Avoid using WD-40 since it is a water-based lubricant and does not stay for very long.

The problem with garage steel doors is that they get easily rusted and eroded by the action of water and oxygen present in the atmosphere. Properly lubricate all the parts of the garage door using a conical-shaped long tube to allow proper penetration of the lubricant. Lubricate the springs and pulleys. Check the rollers and tracts and lubricate them properly.

Check the settings

Cross-check the settings of the garage door at regular intervals. The garage door comes with an auto-reverse feature which allows it to reserve back whenever it senses any object in the path.

Examine the sensor by placing an empty box of 2X4 dimensions below the garage door. If the door goes back up, the system is probably working fine.

See if the door is aligned properly

It's essential to check the alignment of the garage door system. Check the balance of the garage door. If something is hindering the balance of the garage door opener will take more time, force, and energy to work, and it will ultimately destroy the working after some time.

Test it by manually opening the door halfway. Ensure that the door stays in position without the need for any external help. The door might not be aligned correctly if it does not remain without any complications. You might consult a professional locksmith to fix your garage door's alignment as you cannot do it manually.

Time to paint the door

It's essential to paint the garage door. The first advantage of painting the door is that it looks new and attractive, and the second advantage is that the paint physically cuts off the supply of air and moisture to the door preventing it from rusting.

Where to look for a garage door professional service?

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