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Written by Queen City Garage Doors on March 14, 2022

Common Reasons Why Garage Door Opens by Itself

The automatic garage doors stay on the brighter side by allowing the owner to access the door with a single click on the remote control. It is super convenient to use, and you don't have to put in any manual effort. However, since it's an automatic device and does not have a particular life, it can stop or malfunction anytime.

Although automatic garage doors are super easy to use, they become tough to tackle once they malfunction.

Have you been facing the problem of the garage door opening back by itself lately?

Do not worry; we'll observe some common issues and help you fix them up.

Jammed control panel

The newer garage doors come with a fitted, mounted button to open and close the garage door other than the remote control. The garage door operator can easily spot this button, usually mounted inwardly.

If the garage door is opening and closing constantly, there must be a problem with the inside fitted button. The problem might be continually depositing dirt, dust, and grit. Poor maintenance might have pushed the garage door inside and stuck, making it unable to retract. Also, loosening up wires can cause the same problem.


First, you need to make sure that the button is in an off position and isn't stuck anywhere. Secondly, have a mope in hand and gently start cleaning the entire button and make sure to do not apply extreme force. Clean it thoroughly, and if it still does not work, open it up using appropriate tools. Cross-check the wirings and tighten them up if possible. If the I wires are broken, consider replacing the entire button system.

Faulty limit settings of Garage door opener

Garage door openers come with a garage door setting system which enables it to sense the path where it has to stop. The faulty setting can cause the problem, which leads to its constant opening and closing. The significant advantage of limit settings is that they can be manually fixed.

Limit settings are essential for your garage door since they stop when they sense the floor. If the limit setting is sifted too high, they constantly stop in between as they sense the pressure and confuse it with the floor. Therefore you need to fix it by adjusting it.

How do you fix it?

If you do it manually, search for limit switch adjustment screws. However, most garage door openers can be fixed by simply making the changes through the remote control of the garage door. Use an appropriate screwdriver to set the limit screw as per the intensity of the glitch. Turn it three times in the clockwise direction.

If you find the manual process difficult, then rather than doing it forcefully, call a garage door technician to fix it for you. Since garage doors are sensitive and if you accidentally turn the settings to the lowest, the garage door can collapse down.

Malfunctioning sensors of garage doors

Safety sensors are a pair of devices attached to the garage door tracks. These safety sensors are responsible for the most efficient safety feature of the garage doors. These safety sensors were installed in the garage doors to detect any child or animal coming in the path. As soon as it sees something is disturbing in between, it sends signs to the garage door to stop. For older garage door openers, this feature may be overworking and stopping the garage door in the midway.

Ways to fix it

Several garage door openers are available, including Liftmaster door openers. All the sensors attached to the door opener do not have the same way for adjustment and settings.

Usually, the problem is not very big. You need to check if anything is obstructing in the way, which is stopping your garage door from working. Even a single cardboard sheet has the potential to stop your garage door midway.

The garage door is catching incorrect signals.

Your automatic garage door is made to catch signals and perform the function according to the signal that is being received. Your garage door might be cathing the wrong signal, and the signal could be from the police radios or simply from the neighborhood.

Most garage doors respond to unknown signals, and possibly your garage door is doing the same. Therefore, you need to check the areas and tell the respective to stop the signal.

Know how to fix the problem

If you feel that your garage door is probably cathing the wrong signal, then the best you can do is try changing the signaling code. Mostly your garage door has the same code of signal as your neighbor.

If still, the problem persists, then look around for the possible sources of radio signals and ask them to stop.

The Circuit board is not working

The garage doors being a machine, need an energy source to work. Therefore, there are pretty well-designed logic boards and circuit board system which enables the electricity to pass steadily and sufficiently. However, these circuit boards can break due to high voltage to save your machines and appliances from damage.

The signs of a faulty circuit board can be the automatic closing of the door. However, you won't be able to open the door by yourself. If the same is happening along with mischievous flashing of light, then you must check the circuit board.

Method to fix it

Circuit boards are hard to deal with manually, and without the right tools, it can be impossible. Therefore, you should probably call a professional aid. However, if you have previously done the same thing and have a little experience, you can try fixing minor circuit problems, switching old wires to new ones, or tightening them up.


Can the incorrect alignment of the safety sensors door roll back up the garage doors?

The working of safety sensors is essential for the safe functioning of the garage door system. The safety sensors are not correctly aligned, which means the safety feature of the garage door is turned off. Therefore, the garage door senses it. In order to be sure, the safety of whatever that's beneath the garage door refuses to close.

Therefore you need to make sure that the alignment of the garage door is correct and the beam from the sending unit is directly going into the receiving unit.

Is the door opener making my garage door roll back up?

There are a lot of garage door openers available in the market. Openers like Liftmaster door opener manufactured with advanced fitted technology. The Grage door opener is the sole of the garage door. Therefore, any glitch in the garage door opener can make your garage door roll back up. The feature is installed for the sake of the safety of the individual who is standing beneath the garage door.

When should I call a professional for help?

Self-fixing the garage door can be a hectic process and needs much care and precautions. Some simple techniques like fixing the alignment of sensors can be done manually, but you need a professional for demanding tasks like replacing wires. Therefore, it's appropriate to call a locksmith.

Do you need professional help?

Are you still struggling with your malfunctioning garage doors? Get them replaced, instead of reaching your old local garage door company whose charges are exceptionally high, contact us.

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