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Written by Queen City Garage Doors on January 23, 2022

Common Reasons Why Garage Door is Squeaking

Squeaky garage door sound can be annoying and frustrating, and it becomes unbearable when the noise disturbs your sound sleep. Moreover, it's embarrassing when it starts disturbing your neighbors. Therefore, it's best to fix them as soon as possible to avoid any further suffering.

There can be various inbuilt reasons behind the noise coming from the entire garage door. Fixing it all by yourself will not only save your time but all the expenses that you might be spending on getting it repaired or replaced.

What is the reason behind the garage door squeaking?

There can be several reasons behind noisy garage doors. Here we have covered almost every reason that can be the cause behind a noisy garage door and will help you figure out the real cause for yours:

1. Misalignment and improper balancing of garage doors

Misalignment of garage door and loose hardware can be primary reasons behind the squeaky sound. The alignment of the door's hardware is disturbed due to constant usage over time. However, this is not only with the old but, new garage doors can also misalign because they are incorrectly installed. Henceforth, you should check if they are perfectly aligned.

Improper balancing of the door can be due to frequently opening the door manually, and it will abnormally rub the garage door frame and other moving parts, disrupting its alignment.

2. Dented Rollers

Rollers are responsible for the upward and downward movement of the garage door, and constant usage can make them worn-out, dented, or even bent and can cause them to move in a skewed direction. They, in turn, generate enormous friction, which results in squeaky sounds.

Moreover, rollers have unsealed bearings, which contribute to their deterioration. You should apply lubricant on moving parts at regular intervals to ensure the smooth working of the garage door system.

Ensure that you apply enough lubricant to the metal parts. Avoid oil and WD-40 because they are insufficient. Furthermore, you can replace the old rollers with nylon rollers with sealed bearings as a better alternative.

3. Rusted and worn hinges

Hinges are the essential hardware of your garage door system. They support the opening and closing of your garage door. They comprise a straight rod or a roller that loosens up to close the door and reverses back to open it. After constant usage, they become old, loose, and rusted.

Rusted hinges may be causing your garage door to squeak. You need to look for prior signs that may indicate faulty hinges. Gray dust and metal filings are one such indication that you should not ignore.

Therefore, it's essential to protect them from moisture which you can do by applying lubricant at fixed intervals, i.e., at least two times a year. The lubricant also ensures smooth and hassle-free rolling of the garage doors.

4. Broken springs

Constant squeaking can also be due to faulty torsion springs. Springs control the opening and closing of the garage doors. If you have checked the rollers and hinges of the garage door adequately, and they seem okay, then it's possible that your door springs need replacement.

Perhaps, the friction caused during the working of springs and lack of lubrication can be significantly responsible for squeaking noise.

5. Damaged track

Garage door tracks ask for lubrication after a specific duration, and they can produce a squeaking sound when exploited. The constant movement of wheels can break or crack tracks, and you can potentially lubricate them, which will curb the problem. You can also get the broken track repaired or replaced depending upon the severity of the damage caused.

6. Faulty hardware

Nuts and bolts can rust over time due to moisture attacks, and the application of enough lubricant will be sufficient to protect them from further rust. Getting rusted nuts replaced won't consume much of your money; therefore, you can also consider that.

7. Dirt n dust stuck in the track.

Moisture that accumulates on the garage door will likely attract dirt, dust, dead bugs, and debris. Moving wheels will come in contact with it and produce friction, causing a squeaking sound. It's best to remove the debris and dirt from the path to repair it.

You can remove debris manually without any need for professional help. All you need is a stiff-bristled broom or a thick brush to clean it thoroughly and remove the wedged-in debris. After doing it, you can apply some lubricant for proper functioning.

8. Garage door opener

Several garage door openers are available in the market. Screw drive and chain drive type garage door openers are most likely to be the reason behind the production of annoying garage door squeaking sounds. They work well for an initial one or two years, and after a specific time, they start producing displeasing sounds.

It's best to go for a belt drive type garage door opener to prevent yourself from future discomfort. Furthermore, you need to check the garage door opener chain. The Malfunctioning chain can be a reason behind the squeaky garage door.

What can you do to stop the garage door squeak?

Since you have figured out the problem, now it's time to fix it. Repairing the garage door to prevent it from squeaking will not take much time or effort but is essential to avoid unexpected future expenses. Here we have made a list of some basic steps that you can follow to make your garage door squeak-free:

Lubrication of hinges

You can make your garage door squeak-free with a lubricant. Starting with the hinges, you first need an applicator straw for easy and hassle-free lubrication. Spray lubricant in specific parts of the hinges, mainly pivot points. Apply excessive lubricant on the rod, which extends between the pivot points., and spread evenly to make sure it reaches the rod and metal hardware.

Lubrication of metal rollers and spring

To lubricate the rollers, you need to start with the lubrication of the ball bearing and proceed up to metal roller shafts. Clean up the debris and dirt stuck on the track. Now, properly lubricate each of the parts, including the spring.

Avoid lubricating parts like nylon rollers and EZ-Set spring because the lubricator will not work on plastic material. It's better to use a high-grade lubricator and avoid using WD-40 or petroleum oil because they won't be sufficient.

Tighten up the moving parts

Since you have inspected the significant parts of the garage door, it's time to look upon the small hardware articles. Tighten up the nuts and bolts using an appropriate socket wrench. Remember not to over tighten them as they can pull the carriage bolt heads and widen up the lag screw holes. Also, remove the stuck nuts and replace them with new ones.

Cross-check your garage door.

After completing the process, we suggest you cross-check your garage door once. There is a higher possibility that your door won't make any squeaking further, but if it still does, then you should reach for professional help.


Why should we lubricate the garage door at regular intervals?

Garage door lubrication is essential to prevent the door opener and other metal parts from rusting. Lubrication using a correct lubricant ensures the garage door is running smoothly.

Why do torsion springs cause constant squeakiness?

Severely damaged and worn-out parts in the garage door cause constant squeakiness. You can replace torsion springs with extension springs that won't make a squeaking noise.


 The enormous and constant squeaking of the garage door can disturb evening naps. It's better to get it repaired or replaced. Ignoring the faulty garage door can inevitably result in huge unexpected expenses. If your garage door squeaks even after constant lubrication, you must reach for professional help without wasting more time.

Where to search for professional help?

If your garage door squeaks even after doing possibly everything you could to repair it, then it's time to call a professional. Queen City Garage Doors offer reliable services to everyone who wants professional aid at affordable prices. You have to call 980-949-0990 and avail exciting offers along with discounts and free consultations.

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