causes of broken garage door springs
Written by Queen City Garage Doors on March 2, 2022

Common causes of broken garage door springs

Are you fed up with constantly listening to the annoying squeaking noise coming from the garage door but still haven't figured out its real cause?

Dealing with garage doors can be complicated since automatic machinery is probably out of your understanding. Therefore, you need to go through many things to figure out the actual cause. Most of the time, the squeaking noise coming is due to the malfunctioning garage door springs.

The garage door spring is a small and essential component of the garage door, without which the garage door won't work. The garage door springs may not seem a big problem to you since A professional can easily replace them at an economical price.

However, untreated springs tend to cause significant destruction in the functioning of your garage door, which you'll have to compensate for by spending a pretty penny.

What is the use of a garage door spring?

The garage door system is composed of several elements, and the garage door spring is one of the significant components of the system.

Garage door springs work in synchronization with the cables and hinges and maintain the garage door balance. The extension spring helps uplift the garage door due to the acquired tension during closing.

A broken spring can straightaway hinder the working of your garage door as it somewhat controls the opening and closing processes.

Therefore, you need to replace your broken springs to fix the garage door.

Garage door opener

Since the garage door opener is responsible for the rolling upward and downward movement of garage doors, the torsion springs support the garage door opener by distributing the force required to make a single output.

Consequently, if your garage door spring is broken, your garage door opener won't probably work.

Signs of broken garage door springs

Let's assume that something is wrong with the garage door. But, how do we figure out the real problem, even if it's related to malfunctioned garage door spring?

If the garage door springs break, they show the following signs, which are worth noting:

The door is making a loud noise

When you press the shutdown button of the garage door, you hear some chaotic squeaking sound. That's probably because of your broken garage door springs.

The first sign that can help you spot the broken spring is probably the annoying and chaotic noise your garage door produces.

Slightly tilt garage door

Garage door springs support the garage door by distributing the weight, and this means if the extension springs are broken or not working, the garage door will become a dead weight.

Now, all the weight is being supported by the garage door opener. Since the weight is unequally distributed, the garage door will slightly bend or tilt.

Spaces in torsion springs

To ensure that the torsion springs are broken, you need to look for spaces between the spring. Usually, there is a gap between the torsion springs which indicates that they are broken.

The emergency rope is not working

The garage door manually operates with the help of a red emergency cord. The cord is installed in the garage door for emergencies like fire or break-outs. With an emergency cord, you can check the torsion springs. It would be best to pull the cord downwards to open the door. If you cannot open the door and the garage door system seems heavy, then there is a high chance that your garage door spring is broken.

The garage door spring repair will resolve your issue.

What are the common causes of a broken garage door spring?

Here are some significant reasons behind a broken garage door spring that you need to look at:

Poor maintenance

Improper maintenance of the torsion spring is the primary reason behind snapped garage door spring. Not only torsion springs but all the solid garage door hardware needs lubrication from time to time.

Lubrication ensures smooth operation of garage door in the long run. It also prevents the formation of rust by being a barrier between moisture and the metal spare parts. Proper maintenance demands complete lubrication. Therefore, you should lubricate the metal parts regularly.

Wear and tear

Wear and tear is a common phenomenon that occurs due to over-usage. Types of machinery, no matter how much they are durable, always have an expiration date.

If the torsion spring is not working due to persistent wear and tear, you need to reinstall it. For this, you can rely on a professional.

Incorrect spring installed

If the spring is replaced, but the same problem is occurring, most homeowners will think there's something wrong with other metal parts. But it's not like that. There is a high possibility that the technician did not install the extension springs correctly in the first place.

Incorrect installation can also show the same complexities no matter if the spring is new. Therefore, you need to get its alignment corrected.

Effect of temperature and humidity

During frigid temperatures, the garage door or most probably all the metal hardware dry out and eventually snap. Moreover, in humid environments, rust develops on metal parts due to moisture attacks in the presence of oxygen. To prevent rusting, you should lubricate the springs at regular intervals. But it the spring breaks then what should you do?

Replacing garage door springs will work instead of entirely installing a new garage door.

Garage door spring's lifespan

The life of an average garage door spring is 5 to 7 years, after that the spring breaks in most scenarios. Even the best makers promise a 10,000- cycle of opening and closing process combined.

Proper maintenance and ensuring good care and regular checks can elongate up the working life of garage door springs up to 4-5 years.


What should I do if my garage door cables are not working correctly?

If your garage door cables are loose or worn out, you should get them replaced or repaired soon. Malfunctioning garage door cables can lead to unexpected accidents.

Garage door cables and a door opener carry the door weight of the metal sheet. Therefore, if the cables are loose, then there is a higher chance that the door may fall, smashing everything that comes underneath.

What to do if the automatic opener is making a loud noise?

If the automatic opener is making a loud noise, then there is a problem with the garage door spring instead of the entire door. It would be best to look over the springs to figure out the real cause behind the annoying noise. For the safe side, you can also call for professional help. A professional knows your garage door better than you.

The bottom line

Garage door springs are small but an essential part of the garage door. In the long run, Neglecting its malfunction can damage the entire door ultimately.

The complete garage door repair is going to be extravagantly expensive. Therefore, to save money and ensure proper working, you need to maintain the door by applying sufficient lubricant at regular intervals and keeping a check on its working.

Need a professional?

Broken torsion springs may not seem a big problem, but if you leave them unfixed, you can expect significant damage, eventually making you spend a bomb. Therefore, it's crucial to repair it timely. But where to approach?

Queen city garage doors offer reliable garage door service and garage door repairs to everyone who wants professional aid at affordable prices. You have to call 980-949-0990 and avail exciting offers along with discounts and free consultations.

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