Garage Door Keypad Not Working
Written by Queen City Garage Doors on February 14, 2022

6 Causes and Solutions of Garage Door Keypad Not Working

Does your garage door keypad suck because it's nonfunctioning?

Well, it's not even your fault because keypads control almost every function of the garage door.

When you come back home from a long day, all grumpy and annoyed, you want to have food in the place and then go to the nice warm bed. However, the garage door won't let you do this. No matter how much you push the off button, the garage door still won't respond. You keep on wondering what happened to your garage door. But the actual problem here lies with the garage door keypad.

The universal garage door keypad not working properly is probably the worst thing that could ruin your day. But hey! Why don't you analyze the problem yourself and then troubleshoot your door?

For that, you need to look below at enlisted scenarios that might have been hindering the garage door keypad.

How to fix the garage door opener keypad?

Manually fixing the garage door opener keypad can be tricky, but it is worth trying because it might improve your garage door entirely. You never know what will work so, it's always good to give it a try.

Inspect the wiring inside the keypad

The most susceptible reason behind the garage door keypad not working is loose or frayed wires in the garage keypad.

We have often observed that even though most of the keypad buttons are working, only a few keys do not work. The most common reason behind this is frayed wires inside the keypad. Since the appliances that work with batteries do not conduct electrical shocks, you can try fixing the wires by yourself.

All you have to do is safely open the cover of the keypad, trim the frayed part and realign the wires. Ensure not to pair them with the wrong key. Safely close the keypad and see if the remote works or not. If it's still not working, contact a professional technician, and they have appropriate tools to repair and fix the wires.

Change the keypad battery.

As far as the battery is concerned, the garage door keypads work on a 9 to 12-volt battery which is readily available in the market.

The first thought that comes to your mind is that switching the keypad's batteries may fix the problem. Batteries drain over time due to constant usage. Changing the battery from the battery compartment is the most straightforward process. Simply changing the batteries is better than going to the market and buying a new garage door keypad.

If the garage door is still not working, try changing the garage door keypad's security pin or reset the keypad's memory.

Clean your keypad thoroughly

Your garage door opener keypad may be asking for a thorough cleanup.

What happens with keypads is that debris, dirt, oil, and gum accumulate around and beneath the keys, not letting you press the keypad button correctly. To fix this, you need to clean the remote nicely.

To clean the keypad, you need a soft brush and a soft cloth. Clean the upper surface of the keypad using the sot cloth. Thoroughly clean the spaces between the buttons and rub the fabric over the keys. To clean the remote from the inside, you need to use a soft brush. One with a stiff bristle will run the keypad by disturbing the wiring sequence or by leaving frayed, loose connections. With gentle hands, rub the brush over the keys. Clean the debris thoroughly and carefully reassemble the remove back without disturbing the inside system.

Mounting surface interference

If the keypad is not working even after replacement, it's possible that the mounting made of metal acts as a barrier between the panel and the wires. The mounting is not letting the signals transport from the wireless entry system correctly. Several garage door openers come with keypads with mounting surfaces. You just need to put wood or plastic buffer that will act as a barrier between the mounting and transfer of signals.

Replace the keypad

Keypad's life substantially decreases after constant use. Moreover, the places where the keypad is kept are directly exposed to the harsh environment, and wear and tear to the keypad may ultimately damage the garage door keypad.

The garage door frame still stays protected from harsh weather conditions, unlike the keypad garage door openers. Therefore, you must properly maintain the garage door keypad for its proper functioning.

Put the system on reboot

If the garage door system still doesn't work, then the last option is to reboot the system. For that rebooting, the entire garage door system will work. You just need to switch off the garage door for 10 to 15 minutes, and this process will erase all the keypad memory.

Switch on the garage door opener afterward. Reset the keypad pin code and see if it works.


When should I call a professional?

You should call a professional if your garage door keypad doesn't work even after endless attempts.

But before reaching to a professional, try all the steps that we have enlisted:

  • Check compatibility since you are using universal keypads. The keypad you are using may be unable to pair with the garage door opener.
  • It's possible that you might be entering the wrong pin. Check by applying the same pin once or twice. If it still doesn't work, then your pin is incorrect. In order to fix it try resetting the pin code and see if it works after putting a new code.
  • Clean the keypad thoroughly. Dirt and debris can be barriers between the key and the digital panel.
  • Try applying for a temporary pin number.
  • Replace the garage door keypad if it still doesn't work.

If you have tried almost everything you could to fix the garage door keypad, then you must call the professional. He knows your garage door better than you can possibly fix the problem in minutes.


Suppose you are still unable to make your keypad work. Then try resetting the whole system. If you have tried everything, but it still does not work, then there may be a problem with the connectivity system of the garage door opener. The device is unable to pair correctly with the garage door opener, or maybe the opener is not responding to the keypad. This can be troublesome. Therefore, you must reach a professional service.

Call a professional!

If your garage door keypad still does not work even after doing possibly everything you could to repair it, then it's time to call a professional. Queen City Garage Doors offer reliable services to everyone who wants professional aid at affordable prices. You have to call 980-949-0990 and avail exciting offers along with discounts and free consultations.

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